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The main A4BLUE project benefits are highly related to the project impact and can be summarized as follows:

20% increase in adaptability, e.g. product customisation capability.
A4BLUE will adapt assistance (i.e. off the job and on the job training, knowledge transfer and decision support) to workers needs “just in time”/“just when needed”. Besides, the on-the-job training will enhance and complement workers capabilities and will permit reduce periodic workers’ qualification dedication to accomplish new products and demanding tasks. It is expected to reduce the training and information searching time in more than 50%.

The training assistance and the introduction of plug&produce automation mechanisms and the integration with the underlying production and quality control systems will contribute to become the production site more flexible and adaptable to demand changes with a potential estimation over 20% in these kinds of sectors.

10% quality increase in total system (human and automation) performance, e.g. quality or productivity.
A4BLUE will increase production quality rates due to the reduction of the sources of non-quality such us instructions misunderstanding at 20%. Furthermore, reducing the learning curve by using the collaborative system and the augmented reality solutions will make possible an increase of productivity of a 30%. The introduction of automation in these scenarios will contribute also to increase the production and quality rates.

Wide adoption of the new developments in advanced manufacturing systems.
The concepts, methodologies and solutions proposed in A4BLUE will be replicable in every manufacturing sector characterized by complex products and small scale that require high flexibility. A Replication Plan is foreseen in WP7 including a replication strategy based on the A4BLUE pilot results and business plan. First, aeronautic will be the targeted sector, and afterwards early adopters in the automotive and capital goods sectors will be tackled.