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The ACE Factories White Paper is out!

A4BLUE is glad to announce the publication of the Ace Factories Cluster White Paper “Human-centred factories from theory to industrial practice. Lessons learned and recommendations”. .  The purpose of this white paper is to share the ACE Factories cluster understanding of future human-centred factories and to provide recommendations on how to get this vision into industrial practice. This is a key report of the ACE Factories cluster, which aims to support the replication of successful innovative technologies …Read More

A4BLUE final newsletter: the operators express their thoughts on our solutions!

Our project is ending, and we are very satisfied with our work to shape the workplaces of the future! We developed solutions aimed to make blue collar workers’ lives easier and enhance their work satisfaction via new adaptive workplaces that change and respond to their individual profiles and to the evolving manufacturing environments. For us, human workers remain at the center of the factories of the futures and automation and …Read More

A4BLUE final workshop was a great success!

Our final workshop was a great success! The event took place yesterday, 19th September 2019, and was hasted in the framework of the event “SMART INDUSTRIE: Quelle place dans ma PME?” organised in collaboration with the Aerospace Valley – the most important cluster in France in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems – and ICAM (Institut catholique d’arts et métiers – Engineering School) . The event gathered more than 200 people from SMEs, Large …Read More

A4BLUE new video on the project results!

A4BLUE project introduces adaptive automation mechanisms to help workers execute their tasks in a more efficient and secure way, as well as to provide them with personalized worker assistance systems – including Virtual and Augmented Reality and knowledge management systems – to help them in assembly and training related activities. Furthermore, A4BLUE provides methods and tools to determine the optimal balance between automation and workers presence in new assembly processes …Read More

A4BLUE proposes a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) for its methodology for the measurement of Worker Satisfaction in Adaptive Automation Systems

On August 30, 2019, The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) on a `A Methodology for Measurement of Worker Satisfaction in Adjustable Automated Industrial Work Systems´ took place in London, at BSI’s premises. A CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is a document published by CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. The overall goal of the envisaged CEN Workshop Agreement is to identify the principal components of automation system design that need to be …Read More

A4BLUE invites you to its final workshop

A4BLUE project is glad to invite you to the event “SMART INDUSTRIE: Quelle place dans ma PME?” organised in collaboration with the Aerospace Valley – the most important cluster in France in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems – and ICAM (Institut catholique d’arts et métiers – Engineering School) where the event will take place on the 19th September 2019 (75 Avenue de Grande Bretagne, Toulouse, France). The …Read More

Airbus use case: towards an optimized hydraulic assembly

The scenario at Airbus is towards an optimised hydraulic assembly that includes augmented reality device and a smart tool. Firstly, the operator is trained on a mockup with a dummy instruction to become familiar with this new way to present information and smart tool usage. Then, he performs the task on a real aircraft environment with real instructions. Watch the video!

CESA industrial scenario: Collaborative automation of a deburring process

CESA (a division of Héroux-Devtek) provides an industrial scenario where new technologies are validated: the assembly process of the Retraction Actuator of the main landing gear of a single aisle commercial aircraft. Within this scenario A4BLUE project implements the first automation in the company that works collaboratively with humans: a deburring robot for titanium parts! This robot will help the operators during the most exhausting tasks of the deburring process. The …Read More

Determining the appropriate degree of autonomy in cyber-physical production systems

Source: ScienceDirect Determining the appropriate degree of autonomy in cyber-physical production systems Existing factories face multiple problems due to their hierarchical structure of decision making and control. Cyber-physical systems principally allow to increase the degree of autonomy to new heights. But which degree of autonomy is really useful and beneficiary? This paper differentiates diverse definitions of autonomy and approaches to determine them. Some experimental findings in a lab environment help …Read More

IK4-TEKNIKER lab scenario – Collaborative assembly of latch valve (Beta results)

The scenario at IK4-TEKNIKER is the collaborative assembly of a latch valve in a fenceless environment, including auxiliary activities as initial preparation activities, final inspection and transport of the completed part to the warehouse. The scenario is aligned with the need for incorporating robots that are able to safely and adaptively co-operate with humans in operations that have been until now eminently manual. The scenario involves two robots: a dual …Read More