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A4BLUE final workshop was a great success!

Our final workshop was a great success!

The event took place yesterday, 19th September 2019, and was hasted in the framework of the event “SMART INDUSTRIE: Quelle place dans ma PME?” organised in collaboration with the Aerospace Valley – the most important cluster in France in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems – and ICAM (Institut catholique d’arts et métiers – Engineering School) . The event gathered more than 200 people from SMEs, Large companies, researchers and worker representative in the field of aeronautics to discuss about the place of automation and smart devices in the factories of the future.

A4BLUE final workshop was dedicated to the social acceptance of automation (14:00-16:00) where the project partners showed the results obtained in the framework of their research and illustrate the methodology developed to determine the optimal balance between human workers and automation in an assembly process, with the aim to increase productivity and worker satisfaction at the same time.

Moreover, during the Marketplace session participants had the opportunity to take part in interactive exhibitions and demo sessions, where A4BLUE tools and solutions for the Factories of the Future were showcased, as for example the smart tool and AR technologies for the off-the-job training developed in the AIRBUS use case.

We would like to thanks all the participants that joined us at the ICAM event!

See the photo album here.