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A4BLUE partners met in Rome for the third consortium (22-23 May 2017)

The third meeting of the A4BLUE consortium was held in Roma the 22-23 May 2017.

During the meeting partners have taken stock of the project situation, in terms of progresses done so far, activities implemented and in realization. The preliminary results and intermediate achievements have been discussed and analysed, as well as the next steps for the future.

In particular, the preliminary results and intermediate achievements of “WP1-Use case scenarios and requirements”, “WP2-Conceptualization and architecture”, “WP3-Methods and tools for adaptive automation and worker satisfaction” and “WP7- Impact Maximization: Exploitation, Standardization and Dissemination” were presented as well as the next steps. “WP4- Safe adaptive automation” and “WP5- Adaptive Framework” have been launched and their main milestones presented.

The project, funded under the topic H2020- FOF-04-2016, proposes the development and evaluation of a new generation of sustainable, adaptive workplaces dealing with evolving requirements of manufacturing processes the introduction of automation mechanisms that are suitable for flexible and efficient task execution in interaction with human workers and by optiising human variability through personalised and context aware assistance capabilities as well as advanced human-machine interfaces.

foto gruppo meeting roma