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An autonomous tool trolley that follows the workers: here is the video!

In A4BLUE (RWTH use case) we are developing an autonomous tool trolley to support workers in performing their assembly tasks which already reacts to human gestures and follows the worker on command in a test environment. Don’t you believe us? Watch this video!

As a next step, the tool trolley will be connected into the A4BLUE Cloud Framework and therefore the operator will be able to move it to specific assembly stations using voice commands.

The automated tool will not only decrease the physical demands of the workers but also increase their productivity. Because this the objective of A4BLUE project: increase worker satisfaction and productivity by means of automation systems that safely interact whit workers, providing them with support in executing tasks and training thorough robots, Virtual and Augmented Reality and a knowledge management system.

Our solutions are not intended to replace blue collar workers but to make their everyday work life easier and enhance their work satisfaction via new adaptive workplaces that change and respond to their individual profiles and to the changing manufacturing environments.

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