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Enjoying reading the A4BLUE 5th newsletter!

Welcome to the fifth newsletter of the A4BLUE project which illustrates the progress that has been achieved in the framework of our activities. Only 5 months left to end of the project, and we are very satisfied with our work to shape the workplaces of the future!

We are indeed committed to make blue collar workers’ lives easier and enhance their work satisfaction via new adaptive workplaces that change and respond to their individual profiles and to the evolving manufacturing environments. For us, automation and robots are not conceived to replace workers, but as an opportunity for increasing their wellness, satisfaction and professional growth, as well as productivity.

A4BLUE is currently working on the implementation of 4 demonstrators for the validation of the envisioned concept, which focuses on three aspects of these new workplaces:
– Sustainability, providing optimal degree of automation for new assembly processes that combine and balance social and economic criteria to maximise long-term worker satisfaction and overall performance
– Adaptability, providing a management and assistance system (A4BLUE adaptive framework) able to adjust the behaviour of technical workplaces parts (i.e. robots) to work with the needs of social parts (blue collar workers) by means of integrated hardware and software components
– Automation Mechanism for improved interaction and collaboration between workers and robots which can be adapted to the individual operator and make the assembly task easier for them.
The A4BLUE solutions are being tested and validated in four use case scenarios. They consist of two real industrial scenarios: at Airbus in France and CESA in Spain, and two laboratory-based scenarios, at IK4-TEKNIKER in Spain and RWTH Aachen University in Germany. In this newsletter, we would like to share and show to you our remarkable results and the major benefits that our efforts will bring to the workers and production of the factories of the future. Read the newsletter here.

In addition, you can see with your eyes our technologies in the videos showing the 4 uses cases described in the newsletter. The videos are available at the following link: https://vimeo.com/a4blue. Enjoy them!