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Highlights from our project: second year results

The A4BLUE project has just entered its third year of project life and its solutions are taking shape: impressive progress has been achieved so far. During the second year, partners worked on the implementation of 4 demonstrators for the validation of the envisioned concept, which focuses on three aspects of these new workplaces: Sustainability, Adaptability, and Automation Mechanism for good interactions and collaboration between workers and robots. Four videos are available at https://vimeo.com/a4blue illustrating the demonstrations of the solutions that are being developed.

On the other hand, the technical partners worked on the Reference Architecture (RA) for the A4BLUE Platform, paving the way to further implementation activities with the aim of full integration of all the technologies the project is working on.

Thirdly, a methodology for socio-economically sustainable design of optimal automation levels is being developed in order to connect economic and technical factors with usability and worker satisfaction to evaluate the optimum for adaptive and sustainable workplaces of the future.

For further information, please read our press release or visit the dedicated page.