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ACE Factories Cluster: newsletter #2 now available!

ACE Factories: humAn CEntred Factories Cluster is a networking Cluster of five FoF-4 projects funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme – A4BLUE, Factory2Fit, HUMAN, INCLUSIVE, and MANUWORK. Those projects are developing solutions for manufacturing work environments that adapt to each individual worker. By combining their efforts, the projects hope to achieve greater impact and wider adoption of these new developments in advanced manufacturing systems. Want to know more about the …Read More

A problem-solving ontology for human-centered cyber physical production systems

Source: ScienceDirect A problem-solving ontology for human-centered cyber physical production systems Cyber physical social systems (CPSS) tend to integrate computation with physical processes as well as human and social characteristics. The fusion of cyber, physical, and socio spaces through Industry 4.0 emerges a new type of production systems known as cyber physical production systems (CPPS). CPPS enriches communications among cyber-physical-socio space in the production environment. Utilizing human-centered CPPS in smart …Read More

A4BLUE invites you the Human-Centred Factories Event

A4BLUE project and the ACE Factories Cluster members are glad to invite you to the Human-Centred Factories Event that will take place on the 23rd of May in the framework of the Factories of the Future Community Days-Connected Factories Event, organised by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA). The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium, at the Thon Hotel (75 Rue De La Loi). The event …Read More

CESA use case goes on

The A4BLUE solutions are being tested and validated in four use case scenarios. They consist of two real industrial scenarios, at Airbus in France and CESA in Spain, and two laboratory-based scenarios, at IK4-TEKNIKER in Spain and RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Within the CESA use case scenario, A4BLUE introduces the first collaborative automation in their assembly facilities which will reduce the high dependency on manual work within CESA and …Read More

Great success for A4BLUE at A&T 2019

CiaoTech and Illogic successfully presented A4BLUE at A&T 2019 in Turin! They showed the results and the 4 use cases in which we are testing our solutions, including some interesting live demos. A&T is closing tomorrow: join Illogic at booth AR3 to learn more about A4BLUE! See the photo-gallery here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/148966658@N06/albums/72157703362341492

A4BLUE will be presented at A&T 2019 in Turin – 14 February 2019

On the 14 February 2019 (h 11:30 – booth AR3), A4BLUE project will be presented by Ciaotech and Illogic in the framework of the A&T 2019 exhibition in Turin (Italy). This trade fair is dedicated Industry 4.0, automation, robotics and innovative technologies, representing the appropriate place to present and show the progresses achieved so far in A4BLUE project. In particular, Ciaotech, leader of the dissemination and exploitation activities, will present …Read More

A4BLUE partners met in Eibar

A4BLUE partenrs met in Eibar, Spain, for the 8th consortium meeting from 22 to 24 January 2019. The progresses and the results reached in the 4 use cases in which the A4BLUE solutions are being tested were showed and deeply discussed in order to analyse the work done and prepare the next steps. Besides the technical workshop on the use cases, partners also discussed the implementation of the general A4BLUE …Read More

Highlights from our project: second year results

The A4BLUE project has just entered its third year of project life and its solutions are taking shape: impressive progress has been achieved so far. During the second year, partners worked on the implementation of 4 demonstrators for the validation of the envisioned concept, which focuses on three aspects of these new workplaces: Sustainability, Adaptability, and Automation Mechanism for good interactions and collaboration between workers and robots. Four videos are …Read More

A4BLUE successfully presented at the ASTC18 Conference

On November 8, A4BLUE joined the 2018 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference in London where AIRBUS successfully presented the project and our solutions that are being tested in its premises in Toulouse. One of the Technical sessions of this international fora was devoted to Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies and their growing importance for the aviation sector. During this session Xavier Laville from AIRBUS illustrated how A4BLUE partners are experimenting Augmented Reality in …Read More

Our 4th newsletter is out!

A4BLUE 4th newsletter is out! The A4BLUE project has just entered its third year of project life and its solutions are taking shape; therefore, it is time to disseminate the results obtained in the first two years of activities. Partners are very satisfied with the work performed so far and therefore proud to illustrate the impressive progress that has been achieved in this dedicated newsletter. Here you can find details on the implementation of …Read More