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Watch the video of our AIRBUS use case scenario!

For the Airbus scenario, A4BLUE will provide a fully traceable quality process improvement for a specific set of assembly personnel including operators, quality supervisors, manufacturing engineers, and process planners. This will be done by introducing a new intelligent system for bolt tightening in hydraulic assembly, involving a Smart Torque Wrench (jointly developed between Airbus and SamOutillage) connected with an Augmented Reality Device (Hololens).

The AR device will present information based on each operator’s individual profile and skillset to ensure an appropriate level of automation optimizes their execution of the task using the torque wrench. By measuring and recording real-time and synchronized information to operators, supervisors, engineers and process planners the A4BLUE system will provide a new and improved generation of assembly.

A video have been produced by Illogic and Airbus to show the results obtained and the progresses achieved.