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Assembly Work Systems in Future Manufacturing workplace: Requirements Survey

A4BLUE  is conducting an online survey designed to gather your opinions on what features should be included in the design of ‘assembly work systems’ in future manufacturing workplaces. The project aims at i) the development and evaluation of a new generation of sustainable, adaptive workplaces dealing with evolving requirements of manufacturing processes, ii) the introduction of automation mechanisms that are suitable for flexible and efficient task execution in interaction with …Read More

A4BLUE at the seminar on “Robotic opportunities for companies in the aeronautical sector”

On the 28th February 2018, A4BLUE will join the seminar on “Robotic opportunities for companies in the aeronautical sector”. This event is organized by HispaRob, the Spanish Technological Robotics platform, and will be held at IK4-TEKNIKER´s facilities in Eibar. During the seminar, CESA will have the occasion to illustrate one of the A4BLUE industrial scenarios to leading companies and stakeholder in the aeronautical sector. The seminar thus addresses companies whose …Read More

A4BLUE joined SatisFactory H2020 Project Final Workshop

A4BLUE was proud to join the SatisFactory H2020 Project Final Workshop to share knowledge and experiences on innovative solutions for Factories of the Future. The Final Workshop took place in COMAU S.p.A. premises (Turin, Italy) on December, 15 2017 and its scope was to present the project’s final achievements to representatives of similar initiatives, like A4BLUE, and selected experts in the field, in order to collect valuable feedback and suggestions for future improvements, by …Read More

4th Partner meeting in Cranfield!

On November, 14-15, 2017, A4BLUE partners met for the 4th consortium meeting at Cranfield University. This is the occasion for partners to discuss progresses and results reached in the first year of project activities and plan the next steps to be taken. See the photo gallery at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/148966658@N06/albums/72157666465587279 Want to know more ? Read the press release about the first year  project results at: http://a4blue.eu/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2017/11/PRESS-RELEASE_-1st-year-project-results.pdf 


The A4BLUE consortium made available a new press release to inform about the results reached during the first year of the project life. During the first year, partners worked hard to perform the activities planned and achieve the expected results. On one hand, the consortium focused on analysis of user- and high-level requirements and on the definition of the four use case scenarios to gather information about the current state …Read More

The A4BLUE project started one year ago!

The A4BLUE project started one year ago! We are very proud of the activities carried out in the first year of the A4BLUE projet. For this reason, we would like to share with you some some beautiful photos taken at the kick off meeting. See the photo gallery at this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/148966658@N06/sets/72157687293029871/.

A4BLUE 2nd Newsletter just released!

The A4BLUE consortium is glad to announce the release of the 2nd project newsletter! This issues is focused on the results achieved during the first year of project activities. Partners worked hard to perform the activities planned and achieve the expected results. The main results are listed below: The definition of the four use case scenarios, and the corresponding user and high-level requirements, that will be carried out. The definition …Read More

A4BLUE proud to be part of FARETE – Bologna (Italy)

A4BLUE was very proud to be part of the sixth edition of Farete which took place on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7, September at BolognaFiere exhibition – halls 15 and 18. It represented a fruitful occasion to present the results obtained so far. FARETE was organized by Confidustria Emilia, an industrial association established to gather, represent the concerns and interests of entrepreneurs of the Region. FARETE Business Forum was launched in 2012, gathering hundreds …Read More

With so many different kinds of robots, how do you define what one is?

Source: https://www.wired.com/story/what-is-a-robot With so many different kinds of robots, how do you define what one is? Some answers by the WIRED magazine When you hear the word “robot,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is a silvery humanoid, à la The Day the Earth Stood Still or C-3PO (more golden, I guess, but still metallic). But there’s also the Roomba, and autonomous drones, and technically also self-driving cars. …Read More