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The video on RWTH scenario is out!

A new video about the A4BLUE use cases is available! This video shows you the RWTH Aachen University use case developped in collaboration with the partner Illogic. Within the RWTH use case the A4BLUE solution will be applied to enhance the assembly of electric vehicle prototypes. During complex operations like the assembly of the safety critical brake pedal and the rear light, the worker will be assisted with augmented reality for …Read More

Watch the video of our AIRBUS use case scenario!

For the Airbus scenario, A4BLUE will provide a fully traceable quality process improvement for a specific set of assembly personnel including operators, quality supervisors, manufacturing engineers, and process planners. This will be done by introducing a new intelligent system for bolt tightening in hydraulic assembly, involving a Smart Torque Wrench (jointly developed between Airbus and SamOutillage) connected with an Augmented Reality Device (Hololens). The AR device will present information based …Read More

6th consortium meeting in Brussels

On 14-15 May, the A4BLUE partners met in Brussels for their 6th consortium meeting. All the activities carried out so far have been reviewed and analysed with the aim to plan the next steps to be taken. Furthermore, the meeting was also the occasion to show to all partners the progresses achieved in the framework of the lab and industrial use cases by giving live demonstrations from AIRBUS, RWTH and …Read More

3rd project newsletter is out!

A4BLUE 3rd newsletter is out! The consortium is glad to inform you about the impressive progresses achieved in terms of technical developments (use case scenarios and prototypes) and strategy for further exploitation of the project results. Partners are working hard to develop new adaptive workplaces that respond to workers’ profiles and to the changing manufacturing environment. Therefore, The A4BLUE innovations will allow safe human-machine interaction while ensuring efficient execution of tasks. …Read More

Joint Press Release with FOF-4 Projects

A4BLUE project started collaborating with 4 other projects funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme – Factory of the Future (FOF) calls: Factory2Fit, HUMAN, INCLUSIVE, and MANUWORK. This fruitful collaboration has been announced through a join press release on the 21st March 2018. Read the joint press release here.

5th Meeting and 1st Exploitation Workshop

From 28 February to 2 March, the A4BLUE partners met for the 5th project meeting in Eibar (Spain).  The event was the occasion for partners to analyse the activities performed so far and take crucial decision for the future. The last day of the meeting was dedicated to the first innovation and exploitation workshop where the consortium discussed the preliminary list of the Key Exploitable Results and the main points …Read More

Assembly Work Systems in Future Manufacturing workplace: Requirements Survey

A4BLUE  is conducting an online survey designed to gather your opinions on what features should be included in the design of ‘assembly work systems’ in future manufacturing workplaces. The project aims at i) the development and evaluation of a new generation of sustainable, adaptive workplaces dealing with evolving requirements of manufacturing processes, ii) the introduction of automation mechanisms that are suitable for flexible and efficient task execution in interaction with …Read More

A4BLUE at the seminar on “Robotic opportunities for companies in the aeronautical sector”

On the 28th February 2018, A4BLUE will join the seminar on “Robotic opportunities for companies in the aeronautical sector”. This event is organized by HispaRob, the Spanish Technological Robotics platform, and will be held at IK4-TEKNIKER´s facilities in Eibar. During the seminar, CESA will have the occasion to illustrate one of the A4BLUE industrial scenarios to leading companies and stakeholder in the aeronautical sector. The seminar thus addresses companies whose …Read More

A4BLUE joined SatisFactory H2020 Project Final Workshop

A4BLUE was proud to join the SatisFactory H2020 Project Final Workshop to share knowledge and experiences on innovative solutions for Factories of the Future. The Final Workshop took place in COMAU S.p.A. premises (Turin, Italy) on December, 15 2017 and its scope was to present the project’s final achievements to representatives of similar initiatives, like A4BLUE, and selected experts in the field, in order to collect valuable feedback and suggestions for future improvements, by …Read More